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Chapter Membership Committee
*Promote membership in the Chapter.  
*Develop strategies to increase membership and member involvement, then 
implement those approved strategies.  
*Develop strategies to retain, strengthen, motivate, and involve members, then 
implement approved strategies.  
*Develop strategies to increase Chapter visibility among relevant state and national 
agencies, organizations, societies, and groups, then implement approved strategies. 
*Research or survey the professional needs of members, and report findings to the 
Executive Board.  
*Establish and maintain a new member mentoring program and assign mentors to 
new members upon request.  
*Recommend members who merit advancement and are well qualified to serve as 
Chapter or Society officers or committee members, then initiate nominations of 
those that are recommended.  
*Ensure preparation and distribution of a Chapter newsletter.  
*Ensure that the Executive Board appoints Chapter liaisons with established or 
potential student chapters.  
*Monitor student chapter activities, and provide training, support, and/or guidance 
to them via the Chapter liaisons.  
*Assign mentors to student attendants at Chapter events.  
Chapter Awards Committee
*Ensure that the process to solicit nominations for Chapter or Society awards is 
carried out.  
*Select Chapter Award recipients.  
*Recommend members, nonmembers, and organizations for International Society 
awards to the Executive Board.  
*Ensure proper recognition of Chapter and International Society award winners.   
Chapter Education Committee  
*Develop strategies to increase visibility of soil, water, and related resource issues, 
then implement approved strategies.  
*Provide leadership to Chapter public affairs activities and campaigns.  
*Monitor existing meeting structure to ensure adequate training for attending 
members and nonmembers.  
*Recommend training and related activities for members, in conjunction with the 
Membership Committee.  
*Recommend to the Program Committee potential training and program or 
workshop topics based on strategic plans, national/regional/state natural resources 
priorities and trends, etc.  
*Encourage and provide professional certification opportunities.  
*Ensure that the Chapter stays abreast of new technology, agency authority, and 
other issues affecting resource conservation.  
*Advise the Program Committee about potential Chapter involvement in 
agricultural and urban conservation efforts.  
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