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Section 5.  Should the Chapter dissolve, The Executive Board shall  
forward to the Society (or if the Society is dissolved, to the  
National Agricultural Library) all significant records, correspondence,  
and other papers. 
Adoption and Amendment of Bylaws 
Section 1.  These Bylaws may be amended by 2/3 vote of mail ballots  
received or of the Chapter members present at any regular meeting of  
the Chapter, provided notice of all proposed changes has been mailed  
to all members at least 30 days prior to: (a) the closing date for  
receiving these mail ballots, or (b) the date of the meeting at which  
the vote is to be taken. 
Section 2.  Amendments shall, unless otherwise provided therein,  
take effect when it is determined that a majority of the votes cast  
are favorable. The Chapter Secretary shall notify the members of the  
Section 3.  No Bylaw provision or amendment may be adopted which is  
not in keeping with the Society Bylaws of the Chapter. Upon official  
notification by the Society that a provision or amendment is not in  
keeping, and after due opportunity for hearing the Chapter, such  
provision or amendment shall be void and of no effect. 
Section 4.  Any changes required by the Internal Revenue service in  
order to establish or maintain status of the Society or the Chapter  
as an educational and scientific organization under section 501(c)(3)  
of the Internal Revenue Code shall automatically be deemed a fully  
approved amendment to these Bylaws. The Secretary shall notify each  
Chapter member of such change(s) and reasons therefore, and provide  
revised text of the Bylaws. 
Effective Date 
These Bylaws are revised and adopted by vote of membership at the  
Winter Annual meeting January 5, 2000. 
     President Bobby McGee 
     Secretary/Treasurer R. Hugh Caldwell 
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