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*Coordinate Chapter educational and outreach activities.  
*Plan and promote joint educational efforts with South Carolina Conservation 
Partnership entities and others as appropriate.  
*Make recommendations to the Chapter Program Committee regarding need 
and/or likely funding sources for educational activities.  
*Develop a Chapter marketing plan, then ensure its implementation when 
*Establish and maintain relations with appropriate media outlets.  
*Ensure adequate media coverage of Chapter activities and events.  
*Sponsor conservation education programs for facilitators and those who train 
*Promote sale of conservation education materials to conservation districts, 
environmental educators, and others.  
*Develop public affairs activities and campaigns (e.g., exhibits, forums, letter 
writing, marketing, etc.)  
Chapter Auditing Committee
*Review Chapter financial records for the year ending December 31. 
*Provide audit report to the Executive Board upon completion of the audit. 
Chapter Nominating Committee
*Ensure the new board members nomination and election process is carried out in 
accordance with the Chapter bylaws. 
*Receive nominations by Chapter members no later than 90 days before the Annual 
Winter Meeting. 
*Ensure that any members placed on ballot are willing to serve if elected. 
*Chairperson will present the nominations at the Annual Winter Meeting. 
*Chairperson will receive any additional nominations from the floor.  
(President or 
presiding officer shall ask for additional nominations)
*Ensure that the all nominees are advised of the election results immediately after 
the election.  
*Annual Winter Meeting, featuring an educational program, presentation of 
awards, election of officers, and Chapter business meeting.  
*First Vice President submits annual Chapter report to SWCS headquarters office.  
*Secretary submits new officer list to SWCS headquarters and Regional Board 
*Audit committee reviews the Chapter's financial records and presents audit report 
to the Executive Board.  
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