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may be facilitated. 
Section 1.  Regular membership in the Chapter shall be limited to  
persons and organizations holding membership in the Society.  
Section 2.  Persons who qualify under Section 1 as a regular member  
shall have one vote in the Chapter elections, may serve on committees,  
and may hold office in the Chapter.  
Section 3.  Associate memberships are for one year only. Associate  
members can not vote in chapter elections or hold office in the  
chapter but may serve on committees (without vote). Associate members  
are not members of the Society and do not have regular member benefits. 
Section 4.  Regular membership in the Chapter shall end upon termination of 
membership in the Society, by voluntary resignation or by two thirds vote of the 
Executive Board. Associate memberships are for one year only. 
Section 5.  Chapter dues are set by the SWCS Board of Directors. Society and 
Chapter dues shall be payable together to the Society headquarters or the Chapter 
Treasurer. Associate member dues shall be payable to the Chapter Treasurer. 
Section 1.  Officers of the Chapter shall be President, President Elect, Vice President 
and Secretary Treasurer. 
Section 2.  The office of Vice President shall be elected annually  
from the membership and shall perform the duties until a successor  
assumes these duties. A Secretary Treasurer shall be appointed by  
the Executive Board at its last meeting prior to the Chapter s annual  
winter meeting, or Jan. 1, if an annual meeting is not held. Officers  
terms shall commence immediately following the Chapter s annual winter  
meeting, or on Jan. 1 if an annual winter meeting is not held, and  
continue until immediately following the next annual meeting, or  
Jan 1 if an annual winter meeting is not held. Vacancies between  
elections shall be filled as provided under Article VI. 
Section 3.  The President shall have general responsibility for the  
affairs of the Chapter; preside at Chapter meetings and sessions of  
the Executive Board (see Article VI); ensure the timely election of  
Chapter officers; and appoint committees and representatives provided  
under Articles VII and VIII. 
Section 4.  The President Elect shall automatically become President  
when the President s term expires (or the position otherwise becomes  
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