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Wetlands & Streams
Ron Ahle, SC DNR

Water Quality & Wetlands
Sally Knowles, SCDHEC

USDA Wetland Program
Ben Stuckey, NRCS

Wetland Mitigation
Shannon Smith,
SE Environmental Solutions

Incorporating Wetland
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Green Hill Parish
Chestnut Hill Plantation

Green Hill Parish
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Chestnut Hill Plantation
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A symposium for developers, engineers,
landowners, land use planners, government officials, and others
interested in wetland regulations and
conservation options and incentives.

The roles wetlands play in the survival
and development of people, storage,
and supply of clean water and in maintaining
the balance of our environment
and its biodiversity.

February 17, 2004

1125 Rosewood Drive
Columbia, South Carolina

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available from links on the left.

Sponsors and Supporters

SC Chapter of the Soil and Water
Conservation Society

USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service

SC Department of Natural Resources

US Army Corps of Engineers

SC Department of Health
and Environmental Control

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