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During your stay, we want you to enjoy the very best rest, recreation, regional foods, and warm South Carolina hospitality – make yourselves at home! Just look for the orange vests.

The Sunday evening Welcome Reception will be poolside at the Embassy Suites’ Palmettos Pavilion, 6:00 p. m to 8:00 p. m. It features food and entertainment reflecting the area’s culture. Your hosts are Synthetic Industries and the South Carolina Chapter. A cash bar is available. (Name badge is required)

Following the reception, the Exhibit Hall will reopen from 8:00 p. m. to 9:30 p. m. Visit exhibitors and vendors and review poster papers. Entertainment is provided. The S. C. Chapter will also give away valuable prizes. You MUST be present to win! A cash bar is available.

Refreshments will be provided for breaks throughout the conference. Monday, these breaks will be in the Exhibit Hall. Additionally Monday, a cart luncheon will be available in the Exhibit Hall. This cart luncheon is at your own expense.

The S. C. Chapter will provide two hospitality suites. One suite is for adults and one suite is for teens and youth. Each will be staffed and well stocked with a variety of snacks and beverages. Suites are scheduled to be open on Sunday from 1:00 p. m. until 5:00 p. m. Monday the suites will be open from 6:30 a. m. until 5:00 p. m. and 9:00 p. m. until 11:00 p. m. Tuesday the suites will be open from 6:30 a. m. until 10:00 p. m. and Wednesday from 6:30 a. m. until 12 Noon. Please come to relax, visit, and enjoy our southern hospitality!!