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the Annual meeting, special conferences, symposia, workshops, and  
other meetings. 
Section 2.  Any member of the Society, Chapter or guests may attend  
and participate in meetings of the Chapter. Only regular members of  
the Chapter may vote. 
Section 3.  Officers and Committee chairs or their representatives  
shall report verbally or in writing to the membership regarding their  
current or proposed activities, at intervals directed by the Executive  
Parliamentary Authority 
Section 1.  The rules contained in "Robert s Rules of Order Revised"  
shall govern the Chapter in all cases to which they are applicable.  
Status and Dissolution 
Section 1. The Chapter shall not participate in any activities not  
permitted by an organization exempt from federal income tax under  
section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (or corresponding  
revisions of any future United States Internal Revenue Law). 
Section 2.  The Chapter may receive in the name of the Society gifts,  
bequests, donations, grants or funds for any purpose within the scope  
of Society objectives. No part of the funds of the Chapter shall be  
distributed to Chapter members. The Chapter shall be authorized and  
empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered,  
provide awards, scholarships, and other incentive programs that will  
further the objectives and purposes of the Society and will financially  
support the Chapter, Regional and Society activities and programs. 
Section 3.  This Chapter may be dissolved by a resolution requesting  
dissolution passed by a majority vote of mail ballots received.  
Notice of such action must be mailed to all members at least 60 days  
prior to the closing date for receiving these mail ballots. 
Section 4.  Should the Chapter dissolve in accordance with Section 3  
or from any other cause, any assets not required for payment of its  
liabilities and obligations and not held upon condition requiring  
return, specific transfer, or conveyance upon dissolution, shall be  
paid over and transferred to the Society.   If the Society is dissolved, then the 
Executive Board of the Chapter at the time of dissolution shall transfer its assets to 
selected organization(s) or societies engaged in similar activities to those of the 
Society and regularly organized and qualified as charitable, educational, scientific, 
or philanthropic organizations. 
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