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Section 3.  Vacancies in the Chapter officers occurring between elections shall be 
filled by appointment by the Executive Board, except as provided in Article V, 
Section 4 and 5. 
Section 4.  The Executive Board shall meet at least semiannually for  
the transaction of its business and at other times as determined by  
the President or by a majority of the Executive Board, and shall have  
the power to act on matters that arise between regularly scheduled  
Chapter meetings and are not otherwise specifically provided for in  
the Bylaws. At least 7 days notice of the date and place of each  
meeting and the general nature of the business to be acted upon shall  
be given to all members of the Executive Board. 
Section 5.  A Quorum of the Executive Board, defined as a majority  
of the Executive Board members, must be present in order that business  
can be legally transacted. 
Section 6.  The Executive Board shall direct the policies of the Chapter within the 
framework of the Society and support the objectives of the Society in coordination 
with the member of the Society s Board of Directors who represents the Southeast 
region. The Executive Board shall develop or review operating plans and budgets; 
give counsel and guidance to, and coordinate the work of committees; decide the  
Chapter business not requiring action by the membership; and perform  
similar duties. The Executive Board shall approve any formal statement  
of the policy of position of the Chapter on any issue. Executive Board  
members or other members appointed by the President may speak for the  
Section 7.  The Executive Board shall encourage active participation  
of officers, committee chairs, and other members in the Chapter,  
regional, and international workshops, meetings, and other events. 
Section 1.  Not later than 90 days before the winter annual meeting,  
or before October 1 if a winter annual meeting is not to be held, the  
Secretary shall notify the membership that a Nominating Committee has  
been appointed. The announcement shall include provision for nominations by the 
Chapter members, oral or written, to the Chair of the Nominating Committee no 
later than 60 days before the winter annual meeting or before November 1, if a 
winter annual meeting is not to be held. 
Section 2.  For the offices of Vice President, and Board Members, the  
Nominating Committee shall consider members from the various  
institutions and professions represented in the Chapter. 
Section 3.  Area Board members shall be elected by members within  
the respective area and shall serve for a term of two years. Terms  
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