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*Executive Board and committees meet as scheduled.  
*President prepares report for presentation at Annual Winter Meeting.  
*Committee chairpersons prepare committee reports for Annual Winter Meeting.  
*Secretary/Treasurer prepares financial report for presentation at Annual Winter 
*Budget reviewed and adopted by Executive Board.  
*President names an audit committee, authorizing it to review the Chapter's 
financial records and provide an audit report at the annual Winter meeting.  
*Executive Board finalizes Chapter annual work plan and distributes to the 
*President appoints committee chairpersons, with Executive Board concurrence.  
*President discusses committee responsibilities and special charges with appointed 
*Committee chairs select members with Executive Board concurrence.  
*Chairpersons contact potential committee members to determine willingness to 
serve and confirm initial meeting date.  
*Appoint Secretary/Treasurer for next year.
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