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*Attend all Executive Board meetings and Committee meetings as liaison, if 
possible, on a timely and active basis.  
*Accept committee assignments and complete them in the time agreed upon.  
*Be positive, enthusiastic, and cooperative.  
*Base personal recommendations on what is best for the Chapter.  
*Appoint Secretary/Treasurer at last meeting prior to Chapter Annual Meeting or 
January 1
, if winter meeting is not held. 
*Serve as liaison to Standing Committees.  
President Elect
   Liaison to Program Committee 
Vice President
   Liaison to Awards Committee 
   Liaison to Membership Committee 
Past President
   Liaison to Education Committee 
Duties of the Area Board Members  
*Regularly attend executive board meetings.  
*Make area reports.  
*Work with assigned committees as outlined in strategic and annual plans.  
*Serve as Chair for planning the summer meeting when conducted in your area.  
*Recommend to the Immediate Past President, by November 1st of the year your 
term expires, Board Member nominee(s) from your area .  
*Become familiar with members in your area.  
*Assist Membership Committee with recruiting in the area.  
*Solicit input from area members on concerns/issues for report to Executive Board.  
*Conduct a meeting/tour annually for the area.  Make personal phone calls and/or 
e mails to encourage attendance. 
*Actively consult with Area Members on any educational opportunities that may 
exist within your area.  
*Assist Executive Board with educational events.  
*As opportunities arise, utilize Chapter display at appropriate functions.  
Types of Committees  
Six standing committees include: Program, Membership, Awards, 
Education, Auditing, Nominating   all reporting to the Executive Board.
Each Area Board Member will appoint one (1) person from their area for a one 
year term to each committee except Nominating and Audit. Area Board members 
will contact their appointee and confirm their willingness to serve, and then notify 
the Chapter President, who will send them a letter of appointment with guidelines. 
*Other committees   may be appointed by the President for such purposes as benefit the 
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