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President, President Elect, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer 
*The office of Vice President is elected annually from the membership.  
*The Executive Board appoints the Secretary/Treasurer.  
*All officers are to carry out their duties subject to the general control of the Executive Board. 
Duties of the President
*Manage, direct, and supervise all Chapter property, affairs and business.  
*Carry out all the usual functions of a chief executive officer of a non profit 
*Prepare tentative agenda for Executive Board Meetings and Chapter Meetings.   
E mail to Secretary to be sent out with meeting notice. 
*Exercise such powers and perform such duties as prescribed in Chapter bylaws, by 
the Chapter articles of incorporation, and by the Executive Board.  
*Preside at all meetings of the Executive Board and of the membership, conducting 
them according to Robert's Rules of Order.  
*Call special meetings of the Executive Board and of the membership as deemed 
*Carry out all orders and resolutions of the Executive Board.  
*Sign all papers and instruments of, or requiring action by, the Chapter unless the 
Executive Board, by resolution, authorizes another person to do so.  
*Sign all contracts and other documents requiring action by the Chapter.  
*Submit reports on Chapter activities at the annual meeting of the membership.  
*Supervise the activities of any employee or agent of the Executive Board.  
*Appoint task forces to help accomplish Chapter business.  
*Prepare Chapter Annual Report and submit to Secretary for filing.  (Notes on the 
Annual Report should be made throughout the year to make final preparation 
*Appoint Committee members with concurrence of Executive Board. 
Duties of the President Elect
*Temporarily assume the duties of the President in situations of the President's 
absence or inability to act.  
*Exercise such powers and perform such duties as the Executive Board may 
prescribe or as the President may delegate.  
*Serve as the official Chapter Delegate to Annual International SWCS Conference.  
* Serve as liaison to the Program Committee in developing the Plan of Work and 
the Strategic Plan. 
*Prepare committee members for the following year for approval at the December 
Board meeting.  
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