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  • Given for outstanding technical assistance provided to land user.
  • Natural resource related.
  • Sustained exemplary performance over a 3-5 year period.
  • Innovative assistance that may have impacted county or multi-county area.
  • SWCS members or non-members eligible.
  • Only one given per year.
  • Explain how nominee’s performance has benefited quality of life in the community.
  • Recipient will receive a plaque and other individual suitable items up to a $200 value.
  • This will be a one time only award and given and presented only when appropriately earned.
  • This award does not have to be given each year.





  • Society members and non-members are eligible.
  • A nominee’s outstanding accomplishments must be widely recognized by leaders in soil and water conservation and/or related fields.
  • The nominee’s influence or position should have materially stimulated interest in and advanced the conservation of soil, water, and related natural resources through one or more of the following fields: author, speaker, educator, administrator, industry, business, banking, soil conservation district, profession (lawyer, doctor, minister, etc.), and nonpartisan political activity.
  • The nominee’s activity shall have been of a voluntary nature and not part of his or her normal working duties.
  • The nominee’s political activities can in no way be construed to reflect a partisan attitude on the part of the Society.




Merit Award



  • Activities of corporate sustaining members of the Society are eligible.
  • Society chapter activities are not eligible in this category.
  • Eligible organizations include press, radio, movies, television, industries, corporations, churches, societies, foundations, civic clubs, scout groups, and other organizations, public or private, that have carried out a noteworthy conservation activity.
  • The effort or activity shall be in line with the Society’s mission.
  • The activity should be the result of an organized program and may include the activity of an agency of government.
  • The activity shall have an effort over a large area, or at least a large part of a state or province, or parts of several state or provinces.
  • The principal effect of the activity should have been directed to other than professional conservationists.
  • The activity should have clearly contributed to bringing about better conservation of soil, water, and related natural resources and/or better understanding of natural resource conservation issues.
  • The selection of the organization should not bring discredit to similar or competing organizations.



Commendation Award



  • All Society members are eligible for consideration except members who have received a Palmetto Fellow Award within the past five years.
  • The activity for which the individual is recognized should be in line with the Society’s objectives, growth, and activities.
  • The nominee shall have served as a committee member, or as a chapter officer, or in another capacity, and shall have been instrumental, in an exceptional way, in the development or implementation of a chapter.
  • The activity should have required exceptional time or effort.
  • The nominee’s activity shall have been accomplished recently, does not necessarily have to be a long, sustained project; and may have been done over a period of less than a year.
  • There is no limit to the number of times the Commendation Award may be given to an individual or on the time span between Commendations.






The Outstanding Service Award is given to Society members in      recognition of distinguished service in helping the Society to develop and carry out its program over a long and sustained period of time.



  • Any Society member may be nominated. A five-year period, however, must elapse before members who have received Palmetto Fellow Awards are eligible for the Outstanding Service Award.
  • The nominee must have performed distinguished service to the Society on a sustained basis for at least 10 years. This service may have been performed at the chapter, regional, or international level, or any combination thereof.
  • The nominee’s service should include activities that help the Society to achieve its goals and objectives.
  • The award will not be given merely to recognize long membership in the Society or to honor a member’s retirement.


Palmetto Fellow Award



The SC Chapter Palmetto Fellow Award is utilized to recognize SC Chapter members who have distinguished themselves by actively promoting and carrying out the mission and activities of the Chapter over a long period of time (5 years minimum). Accomplishments would have had state-wide impact and would include activities that have significantly enhanced the Chapter’s ability to protect the state’s natural resources.  This is the most prestigious and highest award offered by the SC Chapter. It is applicable only to the SC Chapter.



Only SC Chapter Society members are eligible for nomination that have been a continuous member for a minimum of 5 years. An individual may receive this award one time only.

The nominee must have performed distinguished service to the Chapter and demonstrated same in such ways as:

·       Actively participating on committees

·       Planning, organizing, and/or implementing chapter events

·       Providing a majority of service on a voluntary basis

·       Participating in activities having a state-wide impact

·       Significantly enhancing the chapter’s ability to protect the natural resources

·       Demonstrating participation in other activities beyond the scope of employment


The nominee’s service should include activities that help the Chapter achieve and/or work toward its mission, goals, and objectives.

The award will not be given merely to recognize long membership or to honor a member’s retirement.

This award is given only when appropriately earned and does not have to be given each year.


Nomination Procedure

Nomination will be in writing following a format approved by the Executive Board. At least 5 SC Chapter members, with no more that one being a current board member, must sign the nomination. The nomination will be forwarded to the Awards committee.

Supporting material should clearly document relevant criteria including such items as length and continuity of membership, offices, committee, and other positions held (if any), descriptions of activities, demonstrating how the nominee significantly enhanced the chapter’s ability   to protect the state’s natural resources.



The Awards Committee will evaluate all nominations then confer with the Executive Board regarding any final selection.

            No more than one (1) award will be given in any year.

Persons selected for this prestigious award will be presented an award/memento unique to the state of South Carolina. It will be determined by the Executive Board and may change from year to year.