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In the heart of North Myrtle Beach S.C. exists a place filled with some of the most spectacular creatures on earth. Alligator Adventure, the world’s largest reptile park, occupies more than 20 acres of wetland habitat.

Come explore this fascinating park and see the home of nearly 800 alligators ranging in size from 8 inch infants to 13 ft. adults weighing as much as six hundred pounds each. We will visit "Tommy" a 1000 pound long nosed crocodilian, Charlie the giant tortoise, Spot the Alligator Snapping Turtle, along with Giant Pythons, Anacondas and King Cobras to name just a few creatures we will encounter on our reptile adventure.

We go from land to Sea as we travel to Ripleys Aquarium for our afternoon underwater adventure. Ripleys has the largest display of sharks on the East Coast, and is home to thousands of unusual and colorful fish. Surround yourself with 9/foot sharks on the world’s longest underwater glidepath. Touch a stingray as it glides by, and enjoy hourly dive shows. Ripleys Aquarium is certain to amaze and entertain all ages.

Our adventures will begin at 8:30 a.m. return to Kingston Plantation 4:30 p.m.

Cost per person $30.00 includes lunch and refreshments

All ages

Children under 6 must be accompanied by and adult

Max: 80

Min: 15